Kindergarten Prep Program


New Kindergarten Prep Program

Our Kindergarten Prep program is designed for those students who miss the public school cut-off date for entrance into kindergarten and who are ready for a more rigorous program than what is offered in a p-K program. It is also designed for those students who will be better served in a small classroom setting with a low teacher to student ratio. Children are assured of more individual attention in this type of classroom setting.

Our exceptional Kindergarten Prep program provides a stimulating curriculum, which prepares our students for full day kindergarten. It respects this stage of childhood where children continue to eagerly explore as they come to the realization that the understanding of their world is integrally connected to the ability to read. Teachers support children’s reading skills through well-selected literature while delving deeper into comprehension and decoding.

Children build on the math skills acquired in preschool and use manipulatives to understand number, time, measurement, and geometric concepts as well as graphing and patterning. Problem solving, which helps to develop critical reasoning skills, is emphasized.

Science appeals to children’s natural curiosity about their world. The scientific method is introduced so students are exposed to the process of hypothesizing and careful observation. Children have opportunities to explore broad, high-interest themes such as the ocean and the rainforest. Social studies, which expand students’ knowledge of the world, is presented through making and understanding maps and learning about other cultures and countries. Nonfiction is integrated into the curriculum in these areas.

Students continue to explore the arts (music, movement, art and dramatic play) to assimilate learning in other content areas or to simply enrich their lives and experiences.

Teachers create a supportive environment where children are encouraged to become resourceful, independent learners, which in turn help to develop confidence and self-esteem. In the Kindergarten Prep classroom, children are free to explore, question and wonder which are the roots of an exceptional educational program.

Our teacher to student ratio is approximately 1:8 assuring that our teachers will provide individualized attention to your child and differentiated instruction when appropriate and necessary. Children graduate from our program with a love of learning and school and the mastery of readiness skills, which leads to continued academic success.










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