Fun Clubs

8 or 9 week sessions begin April 9th
All clubs 3:15 – 4:15 (Min.5 students – Max.12 Students)


Monday: MINI MUSIC MAKERS Instructor – Mrs. Cappelluti

Mini Music Makers develop the aspiring young “rock star’s” musical interest. This engaging program will introduce your child to different musical styles from nursery rhymes to rock and roll. Your child’s musical creativity will blossom through listening, creating, moving and performing.

Tuesday: YOUNG ARTISTS’ STUDIO– Instructor-Mrs. Giountikos

Students will be introduced to different art movements while using their own creativity and imagination to develop their “Works of Art.” The children are introduced to modern and contemporary artists and diverse cultures using a wide variety of media and techniques. Spark imagination, creativity and lifelong connections with art!

Wednesday: COOKING CLUB Instructor – Mrs. Giountikos

This is a cooking program where children will learn about the tasty varieties of traditional foods served in different countries throughout the world. Each week students will learn facts about a country, and prepare a recipe typical to that area. Our expert chef, Mrs. G. will engage the students in conversation and teach them about good nutrition while serving up the great varieties.

Thursday: LEGOS AND ROBOTICS Instructor – Miss Kasey

This class after-school classes build on the universal popularity of LEGO® bricks to deliver a high quality of educational play. Kids will construct a new motorized model each week based on exciting themes. Kids will learn about everything from gears, torque and friction, to geography and space exploration. Working with a partner, kids experience the hands-on fun of model building, from concept to completion.

Friday: JUNIOR SCIENTISTS Instructor – Miss Kasey

Understanding how scientists work, children will be exposed to a simplified scientific method through a variety of demonstrations and explorations. Our junior scientists will be engaged in effective hands-on Investigations which will promote the development of thinking skills such as organizing, classifying, problem solving, reasoning and logic. This class is sure to inspire deeper investigations in science and to explore the world around them.

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