Ms. Krachie

Kindergarten Class | February 12, 2018


Winter is good for many things, but the number one thing currently on the list is the Winter Olympics. The pageantry, athleticism, and true embodiment of sport come to life as the participants begin their quest for glory. I hope that you too will be riveted by the beauty, grace, and competition of the games.

Reminders for the week: School will be closed this Friday February 16th and Monday February 20th. Breakfast with Buddies is Wednesday morning from 9 to 10 (Your child gets to bring a grown-up friend to share a craft and a light breakfast). The class Valentine celebration will be that afternoon. We will round out the week with preparation for the celebration of Chinese New Year and have a fun filled day of things 100 in honor of the 100 day mark (Hard to believe that it’s been 100 days already).

This week our writing will focus on narrative stories; we plan on writing about what love is…always fun when told through the eyes and mind of a young person. The children really enjoyed the West African folktales. I’m happy to continue this week as well with some of the spider stories and other explanation as to why thing are the way they are. The class is eagerly waiting to hear “Why Dogs Chase Cats.”

During social studies and science this week we will discuss directions on a map. Quite simply, directions help to locate places. We will explore fictional Nelson Elementary School and hone our map skills using the compass rose to locate places on the map. We will spend time this week reading books about Chinese New Year and learning about the customs associated with this springtime celebration. Best wishes and Happy New Year to all our families celebrating the Year of the Dog.

In math we will continue with the addition strategies. The students have displayed understanding of skills taught to date and enjoy the little games we play to improve speed and mental computation. We will also take the time to learn Chinese number both counting and written and play some games with those as well. We will move to conventional addition sentences and learn the strategies that help with solving addition facts. Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to read the chapter explaining these techniques and how to enrich at home. Please don’t hesitate to ask question if you are uncertain. This week we move to doubles plus 1 and doubles plus 2 ( 6+5, think 5+5 =10 and 6+5 is one more so 6+5 must equal 11, 5+7, think 5+5= 10 and 7 is 2 more so 5+7 must equal 12). We will also continue to discuss the language of math in solving word problems and using attack skills taught to solve problems accurately.

If your child is going to be out please remember to call the school and let us know. With Flu season in full swing, it is important to eat well and get adequate rest. Please encourage proper hand washing at home as well to insure good habits. Please don’t hesitate to contact the school with any question you might have or ask me at arrival or dismissal.

Dates to Remember:
Breakfast with Buddies- Wednesday, Feb. 14th, 9:00.
NO SCHOOL – FRIDAY, February 16th and MONDAY, February 19th.
CHINESE NEW YEAR – Friday, February 16th.


Ms. Krachie

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