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Kindergarten Class | May 22, 2017


It’s hard to believe that Graduation Day is rapidly approaching and we are busy, busy, busy in the classroom getting ready for the special day. We are practicing songs and learning just how to stand and walk. Copies of the songs will be sent home after being learned to continue practicing. You will be so proud, just wait and see!

During the past few weeks, we have been focusing on writing skills. We have been discussing our stories, writing multiple sentences, and drawing detailed illustrations. It is imperative that children write every day in order to improve their understanding of sentence structure and writing skills. We hope you enjoy the writing that finds its way home and applaud your child’s success. We also encourage you to have your student write at home, especially over the summer to retain learned skills. Words that are common or written often should be spelled correctly; for example, words like: favorite, because, come, days of the week and number words. The goals are individualized for each student and examples of corrections are noted on the work that is sent home. We conference and ask questions to clarify and add more details to their stories, you can do the same.

In language arts, we continue with the Making Meaning Series and Being a Writer Series. We are exploring both fiction and non-fiction stories in the series. For fiction stories, we are practicing the skill of wondering. We have shared three excellent stories, Brave Bear, A Letter for Amy, and Corduroy which afford the opportunity to discuss what has happened and what we think will happen.

In the mornings we continue to review information needed for future success: Review of letters, penmanship, numbers, number words, etc. At the same time, we are introducing more complex math word problems that require an understanding of what is being asked. As your child goes through elementary school, it will become increasingly more important that he/she will be able to explain how answers are derived.

In math, we continue to explore measurement. In conjunction with the lemonade stand, we are now beginning liquid measurement. We will examine pints, quarts, and gallons using common items found in the refrigerator. Invite your child into the kitchen to model, discuss, and provide “hands on” learning as to how these measures are related. Today we followed a recipe, carefully measured our quantities and taste-tested to see if it will be good for our stand. Additionally, we are discussing running a business as successful entrepreneurs. We look forward to figuring out our profits at the end of the carnival.

Monday, we surprised the graduating class with a special guest, Jay, from Jumpin’ J’s. He came to our class and entertained us with funny jokes and awesome balloon characters! The children had a blast! They were so excited to not only have a great balloon created especially for them, but to be able to design their own painted tee- shirt too! Sweet memories of their time in Kindergarten.

Upcoming events:
TCLA Carnival on June 8th 5:30-7:00 pm
Graduation: June 16th 11:15 am Monmouth Worship Center (details to follow)

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