Ms. Krachie

Kindergarten Class | November 13, 2017


Our class had the opportunity to go on a nature walk along the path. We discovered many cool things along the way and in the afternoon shared the leaves we found interesting. On our walk we also found a wooly bear caterpillar that has become part of our classroom science center.

This week we will explore the science behind the change of color. F.Y.I., the brilliant hues that show up in the autumn foliage is always present the leaf in the sugars and trace minerals that the trees pull from the ground. A leaf changes its visible color when the chlorophyll – the green stuff that transforms sunlight into complex sugars that nourish the tree – stops doing its job. The green recedes allowing the underlying hues to show through. We see the best colors in the fall if the weather has been rainy and suddenly cold. We did not have those conditions this fall so the change was later and not as spectacular. We hope you enjoy the tree guide we are sending home and encourage you to foster discussion as you walk about and enjoy the foliage.

In our Being A Writer Series this week we will read Freight Train, by Donald Crews. It is a wonderful book about colorful train on an exciting journey. The lesson helps explore how professional authors get ideas. Authors often write about things they are interested in. This week we will write about things we are interested in. In our Making Meaning Series we will continue our comprehension focuses with the story Whistle For Willie, a story by famous children’s author Ezra Jack Keats; about a little boy who wants to learn how to whistle to call his dog Willie. We’ll continue to practice turn to your partner and the development of group listening skills as well as making connections and answering questions to understand a story.

This week our afternoon focus will be on the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving. We will share holiday stories, both fiction and non-fiction. The focus in kindergarten will be on the Native Americans. We will be joining the pre-K on Thursday for our own mini feast. Thank you for signing up to assist with the celebration.

The past few weeks we have been comparing numbers. We have been stressing the use of math vocabulary while comparing two numbers; words such as greater, more, and less. We have been using these phrases to explain how many more than and how much less than. The latter is a challenging concept for children; especially using the language that 6 is 4 less than 10. The best way to reinforces these concepts at home is to use common items in the snack cupboard, build two numbers, example 5 and 8, have then line up and match one for one and to visually see that 8 is 3 more than 5. Then state the opposite that 5 is 3 less than 8. We plan on introducing the concept of tens and ones this week using a ten frame to build and see the value of the numerals supporting the concept of a group of ten and ones leftover.

Conferences will take place at the beginning of next week. Please sign up for a conference. Schedules will be out early this week.

Mark the date; the school holiday party is coming up on Saturday December 2nd.

If your child is going to be out please remember to call the school and let us know. Please don’t hesitate to contact he school with any question you might have or ask me at arrival or dismissal.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ms. Krachie

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