Ms. Krachie

Kindergarten Class | May 21, 2018


June is looming around the corner. It’s crazy how the year seems to take its time until you hit April and right on cue with spring sneaks right up on us. Our time is winding down and yet the feeling in our room is there are so many things we still want to learn. We will spend the next few days learning about measurement and the different ways we measure different things. Last week we explored length and were introduced to standard units of measurement. The students had fun wandering around the room in search of items that were an inch and a foot. We will practice using the ruler this week and introduce students to the units used to measure liquids in preparation for the lemonade stand that we will be running at the open house on June 7.

Thank you for your help in practicing the songs for graduation nightly at home. I will introduce the songs in class but would much rather continue exploring the things that excite them than spend the waning time practicing those songs in class.

As mentioned in the highlights, we have begun to review skills previously learned. We will continue with penmanship and letter writing. In addition, this week we will review telling time to the hour and half hour. These are life skills not kindergarten classroom skills and as such should be practiced continuously. Research tells us that acquired skills are lost in a short period of time so please review sporadically. We want our students to enter the new school year as confident and prepared as possible.

Mrs. McDonald and I have met with a majority of the students. The reading level results were as we had expected for each student and demonstrated how much their reading skills have improved this year. Although they are doing well with comprehension it is an area that be improved. Practice re-reading easier text to improve fluency and asking question before, during, and after reading are helpful tips. The students will get new readers this week as well. We are really challenging the class to use all the skills, strategies, and phonetic rules that we have discussed and to combine them within a story selection.

In our Making Meaning we will use non-fiction to help us with our comprehension focus. We are practicing the skill of wondering and asking questions. Last week we shared Brave Bear and talked about the story and wonder. This week we will share A Letter to Amy and again will model wondering by thinking out loud as we read and asking questions.


Ms. Krachie

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