Ms. Hauck

Pre-K Highlights | May 22, 2017

Dear Parents,

Hauck-05012017 Theme: Under the Sea

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Last week we wrapped up our Spring Sightings and Insect theme. The children created a "caterpillar," and "bluebird" project. We read wonderful interactive stories to enhance a greater understanding of insects. During our art time, fine motor, patterning and listening skills were strengthened as the children worked on their projects. We have hung up some of their materpieces in the classroom for everyone to enjoy.

This week we will begin a two week long theme, Under The Sea. The children will be learning all about sea life and the many wonders of these creatures that live in the ocean. The children will be creating a "goldfish plate," "starfish cereal," and "jellyfish windstock" project. During the process of creating their art projects fine motor and listening skills will be enhanced, while Ms. Millie and I work with each child individually.

Special Reminders:
• Please send your child to school wearing sneakers for outside play.
• Please apply suntan lotion on them.
•Please send in a picture of your child with their father (2×4 or 3×5) for a special Father's day gift we will be making.

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by: Jan Peck
In The Sea by: David Elliott

Warm Regards,
Laura Hauck
Millie Grimaldi

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