Dreaming of Spring

Only a few weeks left to go until spring. I know we are all looking forward to warmer days and the beautiful colors and smells of this welcomed season! Hopefully, it will be here sooner than we know.
Read Across American / Chinese New Year / Holi

We sure know how to have fun and learn at the same time here. The children in the school spent last week immersed in the timeless literature of Dr. Seuss. The students really enjoyed creating the many projects to celebrate Dr. Seuss.
On Friday, March 2nd, Mrs. M’s students paraded around the school in the colorful Holi T shirts after having their teacher splash them with (organic) colored powder as they scurried around.
Mrs. Krachie’s class followed behind their parade with lanterns and fish as the end to the celebration of Chinese New Year. 

It’s beautiful to see how enthusiastically our teachers embrace so many cultural traditions and bring them alive in the classroom.
Turtle Show – Friday, March 9th, 10:00 am

On Friday, Steve Woyce, the wonderful Turtle Man, will bring his Turtle Show to Turtle Creek for the eighth year. The children delight in his turtles and all the information he shares with the children about turtles. Make sure you ask your children about the turtles.
Parent-Teacher Conferences – Week of Tuesday, March 20-23 (Optional) 

In March, we hold in-school conferences only if the teacher or the parent requests.  If you would like to speak to the teacher about your child’s progress, please let her know and she will schedule a time that is mutually convenient for the both of you. If you cannot come in that week for a face-to-face conference, you may also request a phone conference. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait until conference week to talk to your child’s teacher; please call us at any time if you have a question or need to discuss anything with your teacher or the director.
Enroll for the 2018-2019 School Year and Our Wonderful Summer Camp

If you haven’t already enrolled for next year, please submit your paper work to Lisa so she can hold a spot for your child. We have been giving approximately three tours every week and many new people are enrolling. We’re so pleased that many new people recognize the quality of education offered here at Turtle Creek.

Lisa recently sent a camp brochure and application home to our three and four year olds. Our summer camp is a developmentally appropriate camp for preschoolers. We tend to have approximately 15-16 children enrolled every summer. The group is so small and we offer a great mix of summer fun and review of readiness skills. Students just love the themes.
If you have any questions about camp, ask Lisa. Miss Kasey teaches our summer camp; she is another person you can ask about the schedule and/or the curriculum. 
Spring Fun Clubs – Begin the Week of April 9th

We will begin our final session of Fun Clubs when we get back from vacation. The Fun Club offerings will change somewhat. Lisa will be sending the Spring Schedule home to you in a few weeks. You will need to sign up prior to leaving for vacation. Look for the new Fun Club schedule in your email.
Planning Ahead
End-of-the Year Ceremony
Friday, June 15th

Just a reminder that our end-of-the year graduation ceremony will be held at Monmouth Worship Center on Vanderburg Road on Friday, June 15th. We want to remind you in plenty of time so you can adjust your work schedule or grandparents can schedule a flight in order to attend the festivities.
Safety and Security – Our Number One Priority

We have submitted a proposal to Marlboro Township School District as part of our annual security grant to have an office door intercom installed. We are waiting on that approval and the installation. 

It is our plan to have all the doors in the school double locked during school hours. Parents will no longer be able to enter the school through the use of the key pad code during the school hours. If you need to come to the school early to pick up your child, you must call the school first and your child will be ready to pick up by the office waiting area. A parent can enter the school through the door by the office using the key code, but will be held in the vestibule (the waiting area between the main door and the newly installed white door) until you are let in by Lisa, Virginia or another staff member. If there is no one at the desk, please call the school number and someone will come and open the door. (Once the intercom system is installed, it will be less cumbersome.)

The school will be double locked 15 minutes after your child’s arrival time; the double lock will be removed only at dismissal time. If your child is a mini day pre K student, you must enter by the office door from now on for pick up. The door by the north (ramp) entrance will be doubly locked. 

For Mrs. Cappelluti’s class, we will be installing another lock within the next few weeks. Parents will not be permitted to enter her classroom after 9:15. All late arriving parents will be required to enter by the office door and remain in the vestibule until the door is opened for you by a staff member. 

Mrs. Cappelluti has been given a directive by Ms. McDonald; she will instruct all late arriving parents to go to the office door to enter the school. I apologize if that seems unwelcoming, but this has been the policy. We are just enforcing it with more rigor. Likewise, if you are picking up your child early from her class, you may not just enter her class for a pick up. You must go to the office and your child will be brought to you. 

This policy in intended to keep our kids safer and have fewer disruptions throughout the day.

Please see Lisa or Virginia if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

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